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Help Nemo and his friends in the Great Barrier Reef!

Meet Nemo and his friends- Marlin, Coral, Dory, Nigel, Crush, Squirt, The 12- Step Sharks (Chum, Bruce, Anchor),  Mr. Ray, Sheldon, Pearl and Cathy. 

  They all live in the Great Barrier Reef. Their homes have been destroyed by Climate Change and Global Warming.
You can help Nemo and his friends in this WebQuest. You will learn about the Great Barrier Reef, and the different needs and characteristics of a "Finding Nemo" character in order to build them a new home. You can also help them out by educating others to help protect their homes. 

Would you like to help Nemo and his friends?

Click on Nemo and his friends below to help them out now!!


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Author: Danielle Hedges

Key Learning Areas: HSIE / SOSE / Social Studies; Technology & Design; English & Language Arts (ELA);

Grade Levels: Preschool; Primary / Elementary;

Last Updated: 3 October 2008

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