Climate Refugees - Whose Responsibility?

Focus on Kiribati


This WebQuest is designed for students studying the course of Stage 4 Mandatory Geography in NSW. The WebQuest explores the dilemmas confronting two of Australia’s neighbours – Kiribati and Tulavu. It specifically focuses on climate change and the problems that these nations face  today and in the future. Through this WebQuest students are encouraged to explore how global problems impact on individuals, communities and nations. In exploring these problems students are encouraged to think about the role that they play in the strategies to assist with climatic problems. The class will form groups of four students and will be provided with either the Kiribati WebQuest or the Tuvalu WebQuest. These WebQuests are identical and explore similar problems facing two island nations.


Author: Kate Barrett

Key Learning Areas: HSIE / SOSE / Social Studies;

Grade Levels: Secondary / High School;

Last Updated: 11 December 2008

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