Where do you belong in the global village?

Do you embrace change? Or 

Do you resist change?




      Do you own a mobile phone or refuse to

      conform to new technologies?




      Do you celebrate freedom of speech? Or

      Do you oppose freedom of speech?




Whether we like it or not we all belong to the global community


When you wake up in the morning - do you?

                                                                          © Turn on your Sony Radio

                                                                          © Wear your Levis jeans                                                      

                                                                          © Apply your French perfume, OR at



                                                       © Visit McDonalds, OR in the  




                                                       © Play sport in your NIKE shoes

                                                       © Watch Hollywood movies, then at




                                                      © Wear your designer pj's and

                                                      © Listen to your favourite music on your 

                                                         Apple iPOD




If you can answer yes to any of these activities then you are a willing or unwilling member of the global community

Author: Karen Khelladi

Key Learning Areas: HSIE / SOSE / Social Studies;

Grade Levels: Secondary / High School;

Last Updated: 18 September 2008

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