Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics bid logo.          This logo for Tokyo's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics is released by the Tokyo 2016 Olympic Games Bid Committee Tuesday, July 10, 2007. Tokyo unveiled the official logo, featuring a knot traditionally used to decorate gifts in Japan. Japan's capital, which hosted the 1964 Olympics, is one of about half a dozen expected candidates for the 2016 games, including Chicago, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. From AP Photo by Tokyo 2016 Olympic Games Bid Committee, HO.

There is uproar throughout the world!  People are demonstrating across the globe after the drafts for the final Olympic bid submissions for the 2016 Games were released yesterday.  There are calls for the entire bidding process to begin again after hundreds of thousands of people voiced their disgust at the submissions.  There are claims that the submissions are in no way representative of their cities or countries, and the people feel angry and betrayed at the way they are being misrepresented to the world.


In a desperate attempt to calm the people, Mr JACQUES ROGGE, President of the International Olympic Committee, announced today that all cities will be granted ONE month to redesign their submissions.  He has warned that submission committees are to ensure that the new submissions are truly representative of the cities, countries and people.

congrats congratulations

Your team has just been appointed as Consulting Design Team for your host cities revised bid! 

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