Many of the events and processes which have changed life on Earth have taken place over very long periods of time. In modern times, the world continues to change in ways that may threaten the very existence of human life. Some scientists think that environmental changes occurring today are a consequence of the Earth's natural fluctuations or variability. Others argue that there is enough evidence to suggest that humans are having the greatest impact on environmental changes, particularly climate.

We want to discover how life has evolved throughout Earth's history so that we might predict how life might be affected in an uncertain future. We aim to predict what extreme environmental changes could occur as a result of continued global warming. Then, we'd like to imagine how humans might develop physical adaptations to help them survive in the extreme environmental conditions.

Author: Erin Lodge

Key Learning Areas: HSIE / SOSE / Social Studies; Science;

Grade Levels: Primary / Elementary;

Last Updated: 15 September 2008

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