Congratulations on being selected for the final round of applications for a job with Here's to Health.


Your role as a Personal Trainer is to offer advice to clients who want to improve their health.  Each client has individual likes and dislikes, food preferences and maybe even injuries or disabilities that stop them from participating in some sports.  You need to consider all the information in the client profiles and make some suggestions they for them to improve their health, or maybe even let them know of the great job they are doing right now.


You must remember that you need to set goals that are realistic.  These people do not want to compete at the next Olympics, but they may have some long term goals that involve fitness. 


You must select a client, then complete the Client Review (located in Resources).  This Review will be sent to the client for their consideration.  If they like your review, the job is yours.



Author: Sharne Willoughby

Key Learning Areas: Personal Development, Health & PE (PDHPE);

Grade Levels: Primary / Elementary;

Last Updated: 20 September 2007

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