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Do disasters reflect or distort humanity?


Disasters! Disasters! What do disasters mean to you? Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, ships sinking, cyclones, September 11, 2001 …..News you might have heard happening around the world from ancient times to the present day, even though you have not experienced them.

How would you have felt and reacted if you were experiencing the luxury ocean liner Titanic sinking or a volcano exploding? Who was responsible for these disasters? Do disasters reflect or distort humanity? Can we avoid these disasters? Now we need your help to investigate these disasters and find the appropriate solutions for us to save the world. We count on you to find this information.


Thank you to Scot Aldred, Central Queensland University, for giving permission to adapt
his scenario.

Thank you to Frances Moore, WebQuest Direct, for providing useful suggestions for this WebQuest.


Author: Mee Wah Lai

Key Learning Areas: Science; English & Language Arts (ELA); Mathematics;

Grade Levels: Primary / Elementary;

Last Updated: 21 September 2007

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