Should children with lymphoedema attend special needs preschools over mainstream preschools?

Disabilities are a hot topic in preschools and schools throughout Australia. The main focus is the actions that are needed to be taken when assisting children with disabilities throughout all areas of their schooling.  This includes the curriculum as well as the layout and environments of the preschool or school. 

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There are many types of disabilities over the world, the most common talked about in preschools and schools are usually the behavioural ones such as; Autism, ADD or ADHD. However, disabilities such as lymphoedema are less commonly talked about, but are just as important as any other disability.

 For the purpose of this WebQuest the main focus is exploring ways to make schooling more enjoyable and more accessible for children with lymphoedema in the preschool setting.

Did you know... 

It has been estimated that Lymphoedema affects around 100 million men, women, and children around the world? This number is only an estimate because ‘many cases are never diagnosed accurately... or often not reported’ (Lymph notes, 2010). Therefore this number has the potential to be much higher!


This clip is from an adult’s story of having Lymphoedema, Imagine how children would feel dealing with the same problems.



Author: Valen Dyson

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Last Updated: 27 November 2010

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