To dam or not to dam?

The year is 2020 and in the Australian State of Queensland, the Premier has announced a plan to dam the Fitzroy River and pipe water south to Brisbane. The dam is the Premier's answer to Brisbane's water crisis and the flooding of the city of Rockhampton.





Is a dam a solution or a problem?  Is a river flood a man made or natural disaster?  Is a river flood always a disaster ?  

Things are never as simple as they might first appear.  There are different sides to every story, plan or newspaper headline. The way we manage our water is one such story. People have different opinions. For example, what does the farmer think of a Fitzroy Dam? What does the local business representative think about it? The Environmentalist? A resident of Rockhampton? A Marine biologist? Do they agree or disagree with the Premier that the dam is a good idea?

You will soon find out. By taking on a character role you will respond to the Premier's plan to dam the Fitzroy from their perspective. Your research, reading and viewing will help you unravel the issues and develop arguments to support their opinion.

What newspaper headline will you agree with? “Save the Fitzroy River and Rockhampton from Man-made Disaster!”  or “Dam is Answer to Brisbane water shortage and Rocky Floods” or perhaps you will end up writing your own headline that more accurately reflects your view.

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Author: Heidi James

Key Learning Areas: HSIE / SOSE / Social Studies; English & Language Arts (ELA); Science;

Grade Levels: Primary / Elementary;

Last Updated: 2 December 2008

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