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PD1CD Package

PD1CD is CD package which provides a range of tools to help you successfully introduce WebQuests (if your school is not already sufficiently familiar with WebQuests) and the WebQuest Direct service to your school.

PD1CD helps you:

  • explain to teaching staff the link between the use of WebQuests and the development of higher order thinking skills across all KLA's and
  • efficiently and easily articulate the features and benefits of the service to teachers, students and importantly, parents.

PD1CD contains:

  • Five Powerpoint presentations to help you introduce the concept of WebQuests as an educational tool to develop higher order thinking skills and the features and benefits of the WebQuest Direct service to:
    • Teaching Staff,
    • Executive, and
    • the Parent body.
    • There is also a short overview Powerpoint
    • Longer PowerPoint Presentation

  • Articles and information about:
    • WebQuests and their use in the classroom
    • Curriculum Standards and WebQuests
    • the WebQuest Direct service

  • A suggested information memorandum to staff, about the WebQuest Direct service, that can be printed to A3 size for mounting on the staff noticeboard and to A4 size for placement into all staff pigeon holes
  • A suggested letter that could be sent to parents and/or to the school P&C to explain how WebQuests are extending the use of school computer hardware and simultaneously developing higher order thinking skills
  • Summarised contents of Professional Development Services
  • Proformas to be used when requesting additional professional development


$245** + GST

** If a Cluster Educator simultaneously subscribes all schools within the cluster, PD1 will be provided to all schools within the cluster at NIL cost saving $245.00 plus GST per school.

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For more information, please contact Frances Moore.

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