Creating or Adapting a WebQuest from Scratch!  (PD4W


Workshop: Creating a WebQuest

Duration: 4 days usually over 2 weekends but can be delivered during the week.

Limited Numbers of people can attend: Min. 10 20


This PD course:

  • is delivered at your preferred location by our staff
  • is a workshop for teachers on how to make a WebQuest (requiring a Computer Laboratory and access to the Internet)

In the PD4W workshop:

  • teachers will be lead through making a WebQuest using the Short-cut WebQuest Authoring Tool.
  • participants will need to bring along their ideas and topics for a required WebQuest. Participants will have access to mentoring help after the sessions.All hosting of WebQuests is part of the package and participants can maintain and update their WebQuest.

The time required for the delivery of PD4W on location is two days over two separate periods - with some weeks in between.


$400/teacher + GST

More information

For more information, please contact Frances Moore.

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