What is a WebQuest  (PD2P)


Presentation Format Only

Introductory Session What is a WebQuest? How to use them in the Classroom?

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours

Suitable for a Staff Meeting or after-hours meeting


This PD course:

  • is a presentation delivered at your preferred location by our staff
  • is for the benefit of teachers and executive staff across all KLAs, K to 12, and concentrates on how to develop higher order thinking skills in students.
  • will be customised to the needs of your school, year group or particular KLA eg. if you are introducing Middle Schooling, the presentation will have examples of how to introduce WebQuests in this setting.

The PD2P presentation covers the following:

  • What is a WebQuest?
  • The essential elements to encourage students to use higher order thinking skills of Analysis, Synthesis, Creativity and Evaluation
  • The Scaffolding involved in a WebQuest
  • The Students Tasks involved
  • Enriching Students Learning Experiences
  • Teachers Sharing Wisdom across the Globe: using the wisdom of teachers within Australia and overseas who have made WebQuests and to stop reinventing the wheel
  • How to implement WebQuests into the Australian classroom in any Key Learning Area and equipping students with ICT competencies and higher order thinking skills in a motivating way
  • How to use the resources and ideas generated in a WebQuest in other ways within the classroom
  • Victorian Essential Learning Standards, Rich Tasks, Quality Teaching Strategies & Productive Pedagogy - WebQuests, a practical way to implement these philosophies into the classroom
  • How to easily find an appropriate WebQuest


$500 + GST + Travel Costs (including accommodation if required).

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